The traditional way of administering desktops has been to treat them as extensions of an enterprise’s information assets, with the IT department responsible for installing and updating the software components desktops run locally, and for protecting and backing up the data they accumulate. There is now broad recognition in the business and IT community that this distributed desktop management hampers business agility.

Desktop Virtualization (DV) moves critical application software and user data from local desktop computers into the enterprise data center, where it can be more cost effectively—and more reliably—maintained and protected. This webinar not only addresses why Desktop Virtualization is becoming a mainstream way of addressing these challenges, but gives practical advice on how IT leaders can understand their options and choose specific technologies that keep costs, technical complexity, and risk in mind. Better yet, it frees users to access their workspace from any location, through a variety of devices, including smart phones and tablet computers.

Join Citrix and Intel for a webinar tomorrow as we address these challenges and discuss how we’re working together to provide enterprises a way to “move beyond distributed desktop management”.

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