webinarShift your Network to the Cloud

Finally a technical seminar to help get your network ahead of the changes that cloud and virtualization are imposing. We’ll examine how server and network virtualization, new data center architectures, and flat network topologies are fundamentally changing how network services are deployed. Then, we’ll provide you with tools to proactively reshape your architecture and deliver “cloud-savvy” network services – with greater security, scalability and flexibility.

In this seminar we will be discussing how to:

  • Flexibly deploy network services into cloud based data center and network architectures
  • Consolidate your network services footprint without compromising performance or isolation
  • Improve visibility, security and control of cloud-based applications and infrastructure
  • Scale network, services capacity on-demand — without installing new hardware
  • Cost-effectively, transition applications to 2048-bit SSL security without impacting performance


Event/Seminar: The Cloud Age is here. Is your Network ready?

When: Coming to a city near you!

Hosted By: Citrix

Where: Register at http://emart.citrix-usa.com/communications/request/c/3292/index.html

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