In preparation for an event commemorating the 30 year anniversary of the IBM PC and other big tech innovations it’s becoming impossible not to consider the impact of tablets, smartphones and the cloud on today’s PC market turmoil.
The great news is we will have many of the early innovators of these technologies all in one place telling their stories and offering new insight. A recent addition to the panel is John Sculley the former CEO of Apple who helped grow the company from $800 M to $8 Billion.  Most of us also remember the Newton that Sculley evangelized and brought to market in the 80’s ( ahead of it’s time) as the precursor to today’s tablet form factor. What I didn’t know is Apple actually funded and worked with Acorn to develop the ARM chip for the Newton, and even though the Newton didn’t pay off directly, Apple was able to sell their investment in ARM at a critical time for $800 million helping keep the company afloat. In addition the Apple Newton project also developed QuickTime, Hypercard and other technologies still in use today. The vision behind the Newton was actually a project called Knowledge Navigator something that John Sculley worked on with industry pioneer Alan Kay. This 1987 video shows a glimpse of that vision well beyond just a new hardware device. 1987 Apple Knowledge Navigator
Today, John is also an active board member and investor in local companies that are helping shape the future of mobile technology. If you can make it to this historic event at the original IBM Boca site, mark your calendar for Thursday 8/25 at 5:30. Join us with these notable Tech legends.
John Sculley – the former President and CEO of Apple
Mark Templeton – the President and CEO of Citrix
Ed Iacobucci – the founder of Citrix, and the original Microsoft-IBM OS/2 Architect
Patty McHugh –  one of the infamous 12 at IBM that developed the PC. Also known as the “Mother of the Motherboard”
Gary Wisgo – led engineering for the “Simon”, the industry’s first Smartphone

Perhaps this will turn out to be a commemoration of the birth … and death of the PC…

PS: If you can’t make it but you have some suggested questions for John or the other panelists please leave them in the comments below.