March 29, 2011, history was made with the introduction of the native SQL load balancing of MySQL and Microsoft SQL database traffic – “NetScaler DataStream” techonology in 9.3 version of NetScaler software. NetScaler is the only networking product in the ADC world pioneering database load balancing, content switching and health monitoring. NetScaler DataStreamTM has shown benefits of upto 3x increase in transactions per second and 20x reduction in latency for network intensive work loads on database servers.

Customers have nothing but rave reviews for NetScaler DataStreamTMNetScaler DataStreamTM has  benefits for all database architecutes whether it be scale-up, scale-out or high-availability.  Find out how customers are deploying NetScaler DataStream and taking advantage of its awesomeness at Barcelona Citrix Synergy session 204 Finally! Better availability and performance for database architectures with Citrix DataStream . The session will focus on selling and positioning of NetScaler DataStreamTM , the technology behind its awesomeness (yes, I used awesomeness again !) and the common deployment scenarios.  Customers cannot live without it (both DataStream and awesomeness), partners cannot stop thinking about (& selling) it and competitors can only hope they introduces this first.

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