Hamilton Health Sciences, located in Ontario, Canada, was looking to accommodate physician’s requests to use tablets and other devices in its facilities; doctors wanted to spend more time at patients’ bedsides to improve the quality of care and accelerate decision-making.

With Citrix Receiver, Hamilton offers access to more than sixty office and medical applications as a service, helping IT get out of the business of managing apps on individual devices. Whether working at nursing stations or roaming with mobile devices, clinicians can securely access critical patient information. Physicians simply download the free Citrix Receiver to gain access to Hamilton’s IT environment from whatever device they choose to bring in. “All of a sudden I have the freedom and flexibility to allow care givers to get exactly the information they need when they need it, from home, office or while traveling. It’s really been revolutionary,” noted CIO Mark Farrow. 

Farrow continues, “Healthcare is all about mobility. Most physicians in Canada are independent businesspeople. Yet, hospitals have always tried to dictate what devices they’re going to use, how they’re going to use them and where they are permitted to go. In the past, with security and privacy concerns, we basically would have just said, ‘You can’t use that device’. In this case we had physicians buying iPads, and saying, ‘I’m going to use this device, what are you going to do about it?’.”

Farrow also understands the importance of keeping Hamilton Health Sciences’ network secure. In fact, he was recently recognized as one of Canada’s brightest security stars by SC Magazine, who named him the 2011 Health Care Chief Security Officer of the Year. He was nominated for his ability to keep data security at the forefront of the organization.

Farrow sees Citrix technology as critical for positioning his organization for the future. “Healthcare right now is in a transformation stage; we really are a mobile business inside our own hospitals and clinics. By allowing clinicians to work at the bedside or anywhere else, with any device they choose, Citrix Receiver is really a game-changer. I don’t think we would have seen an iPad in our organization had it not been for Citrix Receiver. We just wouldn’t have had a use for it.”

Hamilton Health Sciences is a family of six hospitals, a cancer center that comprises a total of 1,200 beds and outpatient services, caring for more than 2.3 million residents. Read the full Hamilton Health Sciences case study to get the full scoop on their Citrix implementation and the resulting business benefits.