Recently, our CEO Mark Templeton, and CFO David Henshall presented the Citrix Q2 financial results on an earnings call with a number of respected analysts. As part of this, and in their usual manner, Mark and David fielded detailed Q&As, which was recorded in this transcript.

Yesterday, I read a particularly insipid blog post from Eric Gray of VMware, in which he tried, very weakly, to deflect and put a positive spin on the massive error of judgment that was vRAM by taking a sound bite from the Q&A and jumping straight to what I first thought to be a ridiculous and completely incorrect conclusion – “Citrix Not Focused On Server Virtualization.”

But the more I think about it, the more he may be absolutely correct.

We aren’t focused on server virtualization. We are focused on cloud.

Think about it. VMware got vRAM wrong. Period. It was a penalty for scaling. It was a server virtualization focused play to harvest revenue. So, is it really surprising that there are people out there looking at Hyper-V and XenServer as alternatives?

Here are some plain facts.

Gartner recognized Citrix as a leader in the 2011 Magic Quadrant for our work on XenServer.  And if Gartner isn’t enough, Info-Tech placed us in the leadership category as well.  80% of the world’s most popular public cloud services are running on Citrix technology. We have more enquiries about XenServer than ever. We have more downloads of XenServer than ever.

Why? Because our existing customers (and those potential customers who are keenly looking for options) want a reliable, high performing hypervisor that frees them from the specter of expensive, locked-in deployments and provides the foundation as a critical cornerstone for them to build and operate real cloud platforms.

As we move forward with our plans to enable more and more service providers and enlightened enterprises to build massively scalable clouds – heralding the industry’s movement from the PC to the Cloud Era – we will be adding even more functionality to XenServer, ensuring that it is “optimized for cloud” and meeting and exceeding the needs of tomorrow’s diverse workloads. Add the orchestration elements of CloudStack and the power and flexibility of the NetScaler platform and you have all the ingredients to bake yourself a pretty tasty cloud.

The new release of XenServer, version 6.0, is currently in beta and I am really excited about many of the new features within the product, including the introduction of Open vSwitch as the default network stack and the planned enterprise-friendly integration with Microsoft SC VMM 2012.

We’re not talking just server virtualization anymore. It’s time for more, much more. Of course, server virtualization is important, but let’s face it, server virtualization alone is getting to be a little bit old hat, and without a full, feature rich technology stack to work alongside it, it certainly isn’t cloud. Not in anyone’s wildest imagination.

So, unless the sun doesn’t come up tomorrow, I think it’s safe to say we’ll all be busy executing on our strategic goals, in which the focus will not be server virtualization, it will be cloud…and believe me when I tell you, they are two very, very different propositions.

Christian Reilly
Chief Cloud Architect
Citrix Systems