As discussed numerous times and in numerous places like blogs, trainings or Citrix events implementing Citrix XenDesktop, in a configuration that suits your organization best, requires a little more than just running the setup with a next, next, finish approach. Instead you should assess your users, applications and requirements, evaluate and design every single component, incorporate best practices and test / pilot the whole thing before rolling it out to production.

While this (especially the “evaluate and design every single component” part) may sound quite complex, it is actually not if you have a structured approach, which gives you a little guidance on the order of topics and some kind of decision tree. This is actually the secret sauce required for a good / efficient / easy manageable XenDesktop implementation.

At Synergy in Barcelona (October 26 – 29, 2011) we would like to share that secret sauce with you during our Citrix Consulting hands-on workshop SYN415D: Design it!  A step-by-step XenDesktop 5 design workshop for beginners. During this 3 hour session my colleagues (Dimitrios Samorgiannidis, Dan Allen, Ivan Lorente and Andy Baker) and I will guide you through a typical XenDesktop design process and openly discuss the pros and cons of every decision you are interested in.

As seating for this session is very limited hurry up and register here as soon as possible. But no worries, in case you waited to long and the session is fully booked check out the following online resources, which will help you designing your XenDesktop environment:

See you in Barcelona, and don’t forget to bring you swimming gear, as the beach is in walking distance from the conference venue.