I’ve recently posted five videos on the Citrix Startup Accelerator investment thesis. Two of these videos discussed desktop.next and cloud.next. We are investing in companies that are driving new thinking around the next evolution of end user desktop and cloud computing.

One key area for the overlap between these areas is driving forward the state of the art for virtual (desktop) computing. Companies that bring new thinking to the ongoing advantages of virtual computing over the old-style physical desktop.

GridCentric is one of these companies. They bring new thinking to cloning workloads of all sorts in the infrastructure as a service cloud. Technically speaking, they use ‘virtual RAM streaming’ to enable much more rapid cloning and higher density for virtual machines. This has very interesting implications for virtual desktops.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just completed an investment in Gridcentric and that their team will be alternating between time in Santa Clara at the startup accelerator, and in their home office in Toronto. We’re looking forward to seeing much more of Eric, Tim, Adin and the rest of their team.