We have entered the “Cloud era” where Cloud-delivered apps have become critical tools for effective businesses.  Employees increasingly use their own devices and personal cloud apps for daily tasks while enterprise IT organizations are adopting web and cloud services such as SalesForce, Box and Google Apps.

This consumerization of technology is forcing change within IT.  What is missing is a single point of control for managing all cloud and enterprise apps while encouraging user device independence.    What IT requires is the ability to  provide secure access, single sign-on, user provisioning and de-provisioning, unified licensing distribution and allocation, and service level monitoring of application uptime and response times.

Without this centralized management, IT is compelled to create multiple, independent silos supporting individual application types, identity management domains, access control processes and auditing services because each web, cloud and SaaS application provides its own native administration and delivery model.

Citrix’s new NetScaler Cloud Gateway sits at the “front door” of the emerging service delivery network.  It orchestrates the delivery of SaaS, web and Windows applications by delivering IT with a single point of control, connecting and delivering any personal, private or public cloud app to any device, and serving as a “gateway” to Windows, web and SaaS app or desktop.

NetScaler Cloud Gateway uniquely provides: 

  1. Approval Workflows – Workflows to send out approval emails, when users request new application access, to enable self-service
  2. Application Account Lifecycle – To manage the lifecycle of the user account on the application from account creation to auto-removal
  3. Application Account Management – Policies control who has access to what applications, and allows users to manage their accounts (i.e. Unlock, Reset passwords)
  4. SAML 1.1/2.0 Federation – Application supports “no password” mode; and Cloud Gateway becomes enterprise Identity Provider (IdP)
  5. Web Single Sign-on (HTTP Federation) – User has password for web application, and Cloud Gateway acts as password engine in the network

At Synergy Barcelona, I will be hosting a hands on learning lab “SYN414D:  Single sign-on to web, SaaS and enterprise applications with NetScaler Cloud Gateway” I invite you to build out a fully functional NetScaler Cloud Gateway environment.

Session Description:

The newest identity management solution from Citrix is NetScaler Cloud Gateway. Cloud Gateway provides automated user management for cloud and SaaS applications.  Attendees will experience how NetScaler Cloud Gateway works with Citrix NetScaler to provide simplified user access to web, SaaS and enterprise applications.  Students will learn how to configure the NetScaler Cloud Gateway appliance to provide single sign-on access to applications.

Basic understanding of Active Directory, Kerberos and NetScaler is recommended.

Note: Attendees are required to bring their own laptops.

For more information on NetScaler Cloud Gateway, please visit Citrix.com.