The Citrix Ready team has been striving to help make it easier for our partners to complete their registration and renewal process for the program.  The team recently completed its integration with a new, easy to use online system via My Citrix (login required) to complete the registration, payments and renewal process for all membership levels for the Citrix Ready program. In this blog, I will walk you through the steps for completing the renewal process for your Citrix Ready Program membership.

When do I know I have to renew? All Citrix Ready program contacts (Organization Administrators) will receive renewal reminder emails at 30 days, 15 days and 5 days prior to expiration of the existing program membership. You can login to My Citrix (login required) at any point during this period and complete your program renewal.

Why is this important? This will ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits of the Citrix Ready Program, driving exposure to your Citrix compatible products and solutions.

How to get started? To renew your Citrix Ready program membership, logon to My Citrix (login required) partner portal and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Choose a Toolbox.
  2. Select the Update Locations, Contacts & Memberships option.
  3. Click on Program Memberships tab.
  4. Under the All Program Memberships section, click on the ‘Renew’ link next to Citrix Ready program details.

Note: Only ‘Organization Administrator’ contacts listed in our systems will be able to complete the ‘Renewal’ process. If you need to change/ assign a new ‘Organization Administrator’ for your organization, please reach out to

Also refer to this User Guide: Partner Renewal (English)or view this video guide at Partner Renewal Guide- Citrix Ready Core or Partner Renewal Guide – Citrix Ready Technology.

For any questions on your renewals and registrations write to