Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with the support of our products. One of our initiatives is to increase the ability of our Partners and Customers to leverage self-service avenues for finding answers and resolving problems. A key area that the Support teams focus on is development of troubleshooting and health checking tools.

Citrix Support recently released a new XenApp/XenDesktop tool called CDFMonitor.

Cdfmonitor is a customizable multipurpose utility that listens to specified CDF module trace messages and triggers an event based on a provided Regular Expression pattern match. This tool can also launch a specified command based on a pattern match, send an SMTP message, zip files, and FTP to site when a match occurs.

Example use cases:

  • Monitoring – Cdfmonitor can be used to monitor anything being traced.
  • Notification – Cdfmonitor can be used in multiple ways to notify when a matched message is received.
  • Action – Cdfmonitor can run a specified command when a match occurs. This can be a path to script or a command with arguments.

Cdfmonitor is a multithreaded .net console utility that uses Microsoft Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) to consume specified Citrix module trace events as they occur. The utility is configured by editing the Cdfmonitor.exe.config file or by specified config file. By default the utility will write match information to the console.

 Sample Console Screenshot

 You can download CDFMonitor tool from here.


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