You have heard about desktop virtualization. You’ve seen the demos. You evaluated the vendors. You signed up for the conferences. You booked your tickets to Barcelona for this year’s iteration for Citrix Synergy (if you haven’t yet – what are you waiting for?) You’re eager to get the latest and greatest on Citrix products, the cloud, and industry trends.  Are you among those who are starting to realize that the transformation into a fully virtualized desktop environment will take time and careful planning? Did you think about the users of your IT services and how they will perceive the new systems and how the transition may affect them?

If you are, you should put session SYN306 – The Desktop Transformation Model – Part 1 on your  calendar.

This session is the first in a series of five breakouts that get increasingly more technical as we move along. Here’s the rough outline of what we’ll be covering in the series:

Part 1: Assessing business needs: This is a fairly non-technical session that talks about the process of wrapping your arms around the organization to prepare for the successful implementation of virtual desktops. We’ll talk about meaningful user segmentation, give guidance on the selection of the most appropriate flex cast models and share the Citrix Consulting approach to creating a successful implementation roadmap.

Part 2: Foundational Design: In this session Lead Architect Dan Feller and Principal Consultant Dimitrios Samorgiannidis will talk about the overall desktop architecture, including scalability guidelines and answers to the most commonly asked architecture and design questions.

Part 3: Storage Design: This session focuses on the ins and outs of storage design for desktop virtualization. And yes, it will get pretty technical.

Part 4: User Experience: This technical session will focus on the implementation best practices associated with optimizing the environment for a great user experience.

Part 5: Ask the Architects: In this final session of the series, we’ll have all of the key speakers and architects from the series back on stage. We’ll have a lightly moderated panel discussion about the successes and mistakes each one of us made in our careers as Citrix Consultants. We’re striving to keep this final session educational, humorous and enlightening. We’ll even leave plenty of time for your questions and have the speakers on stage to answer them in the following languages:

  • English: both US and British English are represented
  • German: local dialects from East and West will be present
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Swedish

Overall, we have lots of interesting breakout sessions in Barcelona. Don’t miss the desktop transformation series and don’t skip the first part – because just like the landing of an aircraft is preceded by a well-executed approach, success in desktop virtualization is preceded by a proper assessment and careful planning.

Hope to see you there –


Twitter: @florianbecker