I’m sure you often ask yourself whether you really need to learn that licensing stuff to be able to effectively sell a software solution. We recognize that licensing can be a bit of a dry subject, and it’s surely not as exciting as the newest product features. So the Citrix licensing team consistently looks for ways to make licensing information easier to understand and simpler to find. There are now three new, powerful licensing resources to help you quickly understand and explain Citrix licensing.

Watch these great videos to learn everything aboutCitrix licensing programs (ELA, GELA, SA, Maintenance, and more) and how customers can best use these programs. These videos are accessible without login in so feel free to share them with your customers.

Quickly locate important pricing and licensing information for all products in one location. The documents you find here are designed so that you can easily use them for you and your customers.

Sometimes just a simple description with a visual representation of a product licensing model is all a customer needs when being introduced to a Citrix solution. Visit the new Citrix.com dedicated product licensing pages, such as the XenDesktop licensing page, to see how each Citrix product is licensed.