While attending Summit/Synergy 2011 held in San Francisco (May), the Trade-up team had the pleasure to meet and engage with many of our trusted Citrix partners.

Regardless of where these conversations occurred, the Trade-up Desk, the Expo Hall, or the Citrix TV Booth, the feedback and emotion about the program was very consistent – that Trade-up is good for business.

Since first being announced as a limited-time promotion back in October 2009, today’s permantent Trade-up to XenDesktop program continues to be a tremendous success for our customers and our partners alike. Trade-up is a program that continues to give our Citrix XenApp customers the most cost-effective, low risk path to move to the industry standard in desktop virtualization, Citrix XenDesktop. And, a program that continues to help increase our partners’ ability to book new product revenue, earn additional Advisor Rewards, engage in additional desktop virtualization services opportunities, and reinvigorate new revenue streams from customers that have let their XenApp Subscription Advantage lapse.

Watch and learn how partners like LPS Integration, J4 Systems, Agile360, EDCi and Choice Solutions are making the Trade-up work today!

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