Last week I was speaking at the Gartner Catalyst event along with Gartner Analyst Chris Wolf and Noah Wasmer from VMWare. I spoke about the security challenges for mobile apps and offered some options to consider as well encouraged the audience to embrace Bring Your Own Device programs. The result can be can be more productive, happy employees as well as a safe solution to issues like protecting privacy and preventing mixing of personal and corporate data.
Based on the questions and discussions afterwards it seemed like I was preaching to the choir. The majority of CIO’s and IT Pros I spoke with at the event all endorsed BYO or at least had plans to. The full company funded Bring You Own Computer program is still a exception, but the smartphone and iPad phenomena have opened the door to pervasive acceptance of alternative device ownership and control. Most of those I spoke with allow some level of access such as email from a personal smartphone even if they were not comfortable with it. In fact it seems a large number of attendees were looking looking for safe ways to say yes. I didn’t meet anyone with an attitude of ” just say no ” . When you think about the profile of attendees of a Gartner event these are the security conscious conservative IT Exec’s, when they yes to Bring Your Own it really has hit mainstream.
What do you think, is BYO still more hype than reality or is it going mainstream ?