Did someone say licensing can help close a deal? Well, we know that it’s not common to use licensing as a selling argument when presenting a product to a customer, but with the release of XenDesktop 5 Service Pack 1, we think the game changes. With the two User/Device licensing improvements we introduced, we make it much simpler for your customers to adopt the User/Device licenses – the best suited model for a customer to go enterprise-wide with desktop virtualization:

•      Automated license assignment: The XenDesktop 5 SP1 license server has built-in intelligence to automatically assign licenses to users or devices, based on actual usage. This eliminates the need for your customers to assign licenses and reduces the complexity associated with managing licenses. In addition, this automation maximizes your customer’s usage of their licenses.

•      Simpler license compliance: With XenDesktop 5 SP1, customers also have visibility into real-time User/Device license usage data. This enables customers to count and report on license usage to automate compliance.

Watch this video to learn how you can sell XenDesktop 5 SP1 to your customers.