Years ago, when cloud computing was still new, some pundits anchored in legacy IT felt cloud was ok for non-critical workloads but that enterprises wouldn’t adopt it en-mass because it was somehow less secure, less trustworthy.

They were wrong.

Not only have enterprises been adopting cloud computing at an ever-increasing pace, but it’s now assumed that every company has workloads that belong in the cloud.  And when people say cloud, they think Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Last spring AWS released major enhancements to their Virtual Private Cloud that gave users everywhere a host of new tools to replicate the secure networking practices they use in enterprise datacenters to the cloud.

These tools also allowed us to craft highly secure Citrix XenApp landscapes with backend servers on a private network and only our Access Gateway VPN exposed on a public segment.  Users can connect directly to XenApp from anywhere they have an internet connection, and a single secure network backend tunnel connects XenApp to any on-premise company data that is required by the applications.  However, availability at the time was limited.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have coordinated a global expansion of our XenApp on VPC footprint to coincide with AWS’s rollout of the enhanced VPC to every Region and nearly every Availability Zone.

Our technical team has replicated our XenApp AMIs to every VPC location and, with AWS Cloud Formation, XenApp farms are now ‘one click’ away, no matter where you are located around the world.  See here for more information.