NATS, the leading air traffic control organisation in the UK, has announced that it is to implement a multi-million pound project to transfer all its desktop IT services to a cloud-based infrastructure. By creating a secure, virtual desktop environment the company expects to reduce costs by £9 million over the next four years, shrink its environmental footprint, improve flexibility and enhance the service it provides to around 6,000 staff.

This is the largest implementation of cloud-based infrastructure in the UK transport sector to date and excitingly, involves Citrix virtual computing technology. It will allow a more effective collaboration between NATS staff and business partners across NATS locations, over multiple geographic regions. Staff will have access to the services, information and applications they need for their particular role, creating a customised experience.

The new service will be trialled with more than 300 users during 2011 and will be rolled out to all staff in the first half of 2012. The virtual desktop and application environment will be provided using Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, virtualising desktops and applications so they can be delivered to any user on any device.

Clearly, NATS is putting virtual computing technology at the heart of its business, to promote innovation, flexibility, mobility and agility across the organisation. This project truly embraces desktop virtualisation and the consumerisation of IT to create a working environment that will ultimately reduce costs, enhance employee productivity and deliver centralised IT services to staff.

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