Have you ever felt uneasy because you don’t understand how Citrix licensing really works? The Citrix team recognizes that licensing can be a dry and complex subject, so we consistently look for ways to make licensing information easier to understand and simpler to find. In January 2011, we launched the Citrix Licensing Resource Center, a one stop source for all information about Citrix licensing (including videos, how to guides and much more). We recently added two new, powerful licensing resources to help you quickly learn the key aspects of Citrix licensing.

First, you can watch these great videos to learn everything about theCitrix licensing programs. These brief videos explain Citrix ELA, GELA, SA, Maintenance, and other programs, making it easy for you to understand which program best suits your organizations purchasing needs.

The second resource we introduced is all about showing how our product licensing really works. Sometimes just a basic description with a visual representation is all that’s needed. Check out the new Citrix.com dedicated product licensing pages under the “How to” sections, such as the XenDesktop licensing page, to see how each Citrix product is licensed.