Thirty seven percent of the $55.5 Billion Dollar Cloud Market will be based on Application Delivery according to IDC (2014 estimate).  That is 85% more total spend than the next largest category (Infrastructure Software).  We know that demand will be there based on these numbers but what will the Cloud Service Providers look like offering these services.  Well to answer that question we need to look at how subscribers will access the applications.  According to a recent Business Week article, “…around 30% of iPad owners are using it as a laptop replacement, rather than a supplement“.  The article goes on to say the tablet space is expected to grow a whopping 178% this year alone.  So… it’s safe to say that subscribers will be using tablet devices in 2014 (and more specifically Apple iPads).  And whether you are an Apple lover or hater, Apple Insider reported the iPhone just took a 5.6% market ownership, with a record 20.3 million units shipped.  That’s TWENTY MILLION….. WOW!  Soooooo…. think maybe there will be people using smart phones prolifically in 2014 (maybe lots of iPhones :)).  OK… So we’ve got huge increases in tablets and even bigger increases in smart phones.  Sounds pretty much like a mobile work force to me.

Now… lets take a look at what is selling on the Operating System side of the equation.  Microsoft has shipped over 400 million Windows 7 Operating Systems!  But wait a minute.  If Apple tablets are growing and Apple phones shipments are growing and Microsoft Windows 7 is growing what the heck are people thinking?  Don’t they know that Windows 7 and Apple OS are not compatible?  Don’t they know that Steve Jobs is at war with Adobe.  Whoops… looks like that problem might be solved.  OK so at a minimum aren’t there development issues between apps written for Apple devices vs. Microsoft Windows devices.  Well, if that is the case, it sure doesn’t keep the masses from buying both.  The poor Service Provider who is supposed to be supplying and supporting all of these applications, operating systems and devices is in big trouble, right?  To add insult to injury there are millions of permutations and configurations of devices and applications.

The good news is that there are Service Providers solving these very challenges and Citrix technology is at the core of the solution.  In fact, there are Citrix Service Providers (Hosting Partners) in almost every geography of the world solving this problem.  So bring on the Apple Devices and OS, Microsoft Applications and OS, Mobility workforce and disparate configurations of Cloud Applications.  The demand is there and so is the road to making it happen.