Ever thought about just how many parameters there are to migrating just one end subscriber from his/her desktop to an off premise Cloud based solution for applications and desktops?  Whether Public or Private Cloud transformation, end users have a plethora of individualized, custom set ups.  To start with, most people we would call Power Users have a list as long as your arm for web portal “Favorites”.  The more structured end users actually define hierarchical folders which include many more web site favorites embedded.  Or, if you’re like me, there is a string of sites as long as your arm with no logical separation whatsoever.

This is just one of many different categories of user customization that needs to be considered when approaching the move to Cloud based services.  Simple things that we take for granted every day can have a major impact on the way business is done.  Migration of these simple (sometimes complicated) pieces of a desktop are crucial to the success of any service provider who wants to provide a scalable solution. 

Another simple example of a user’s unique environment is the personalized dictionary that resides with a users publishing software.  As IT Administrators, we might think “so what, build it again”.  But what if the company using this dictionary is a publishing company, or even worse a law firm.  What then?  Does a service provider say, “Welcome to my Cloud.  Now recreate everything you’ve ever done and things will be just fine once you get back up and running”.  That doesn’t sound like a viable sales pitch to me nor will it be to any business who is trying to avoid service disruption in their move to a new way of doing business.  We must be able to migrate all of a user’s application nuances.

Now imagine that you are selling to the thousands of SMBs a Public Cloud implementation where there are a myriad of market vertical, hundreds if not thousand of companies in each vertical, thousands if not millions of subscribers and each with a separate and unique profile.  Sounds like a migration nightmare doesn’t it?  Well for those service providers who haven’t thought it through this could be the downfall of their business before it gets off the ground.  The most successful service providers in the world who are actively selling Desktop as a Service are migrating 3-5 SMBs per month.  That’s right, not 1-2 per six months (which has been the norm for years).  So how do they accomplish this feat?  Enter tools like the “Profile Migrator” from Sepago.

According to Sascha Juch, Head of R&D at Sepago, “When migrating customers from their physical desktop to a cloud-based desktop solution, you don’t want them to spend hours restoring their user profiles, calling the helpdesk, and getting a bad first impression of your service. But that’s exactly what will happen if application settings and user data aren’t migrated and applications look and work differently than they did before. Profile Migrator by sepago allows service provider administrators to easily migrate user settings for all applications, preserving all personal data and configurations, ensuring a smooth, positive transition with no downtime and frustration for your end users and/or your administrators.”

If you want to have millions of subscribers on your Cloud implementation of DaaS, consider using automated tools that will help you achieve success.

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