After creating a few Dedicated catalogs and making changes to the master image I decided to create a utility to help in updating the Master Image associated to the provisioning scheme. This can be done pretty easily using PowerShell commands, but for administrators that like working with a GUI and not have to do the manual steps needed with PowerShell I created this tool.
Important: This tool is for MCS created dedicated catalogs for XenDesktop 5.
How to use:
  • Run the executable on the Desktop Delivery Controller hosting the Pool where you want to update the Master Image VM.
  • On execution of this utility the Identity Pool Name combo box will be populated with available Pool names.
  • Choose a Pool Name and the Scheme Name and Current Master Image VM will be displayed.

Next you can choose any Virtual Machine available on the Host
Then choose any Snapshot associated to the selected VM
Your choices will be displayed in “Chosen VM Snapshot”
NOTE: Nothing is being updated until the “Update MasterImage” button is clicked

Select “EXIT” to quit without making any changes or select “Update MasterImage” to update the selected Identity Pool Name with the Selected VM and Snapshot. Updating the Master Image will take time so be patient for it complete.

Update Master Image Tool

This utility is provided as is and without support. Feedback or questions welcome.
Kevin McLeman