When 4 of us (Networking/cloud folks) gathered at Synergy San Francisco for beer discussing some networking/cloud strategy for 2nd half of 2011 specific to Japan, we did not take into account the typhoon/hurricane that normally do NOT happen in July.  But of course, when were in Tokyo last week – on the day of the event, Tokyo had a major typhoon that even one of our partners that was suppose to speak end up with flight delay/cancellation notifications.  However, with Citrix technologies like GoToMeeting, we still were able to get the partner to speak during this big event.  In addition, even during this crazy weather, Tokyo event still had 200+ attendees!   We went through how our partners using Citrix technologies enables hybrid, public and private clouds…and of course also show casing NetScaler in this demo.

Awesome job to the Citrix Japan team in handling all the planning for this event.  Here is a pic just for the Tokyo event.  We also did the same event in Osaka and did very well too.

By the way, on the next event planning…maybe we shall include “sun” in the event name instead of just “cloud”.  😉