Citrix TaaS (Tools as a Service) is a new initiative from Citrix Support, focused on making the support of your Citrix environments as easy as possible. We are developing tools and online auto-analysis capabilities that will help you collect environment information, analyze that information and receive tailored recommendations based on your Citrix environment and configuration. Citrix TaaS will be brought online during the 2nd half of 2011.

Citrix Tools as a Service is a cloud based, automated support service that facilitates the identification and resolution of known problems and environment mis-configurations, including providing proactive maintenance, heath checking and performance optimization recommendations.  All problems, recommendations and best practices are based off of each customer’s specific environment configuration and product usage.  Customers can leverage Citrix product built in information collection tools or download lightweight information collection tools (e.g. Citrix Scout) that can upload data to the service, ensuring customers benefit from the latest TaaS solution updates and recommendations with no disruption to their production environment. The Citrix Tools as a Service experience is about making Citrix administrators and Citrix engineers lives better; facilitating a better, more intuitive and more efficient approach to support Citrix environments.

A couple of weeks back we held 3 webinars (US/EMEA/APAC) with over 400 people attending.  If you missed the webinar you can now find the recording on Citrix TV, also find the video embedded below:

Make sure to logon to the TaaS website to check out the demo environment and provide feedback via


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