Hopefully you are not laughing at this Dilbert Cartoon because it hit a little too close to home. (-:  I think there is a little of that in everyone’s plan like it or not.  Working with our friends at NetApp we recently put together a joint XenDesktop Disaster Recovery whitepaper that highlight some key NetApp and Citrix product features that make the job of protecting your virtual desktops and data from site failure much easier.  In this paper we detail a sample active-active dual-site XenDesktop 5 environment that can be used to help integrate virtual desktops into an organization’s DR strategy. (see figure below)

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Some of DR enabling product features included:

NetApp Snapmirror

Citrix Netscaler  Global Server Load Balancing

Citrix WebInterface  Site-Roaming

Citrix Provisioning Server

CLICKHERE to download whitepaper

Thanks for Reading!

Trevor Mansell