One of the initial activity I do after reaching office these days is launch Vantive CRM and check the list of new bugs reported. It takes around 15 seconds for me to launch Vantive and it’s a problem to wait 15s daily morning. This could be same for many of our customers, they may have common set of Apps which used frequently like finance department use Hyperion, Sales and support dept use CRM tools daily.

First step Citrix App Streaming client does while launching App is create the isolation engine. Setting up the isolation engine is a costly operation; we optimize certain areas with the upcoming release (Tech Preview available). There are many optimization planned in future releases to make the Streamed App launch experience near to locally installed App.

The Tech Preview of the next version is available to download,

Overview of App Streaming new features,

Out of this 15secs, it’s taking 7secs to setup the isolation engine for Vantive CRM and rest for the App boot-up. If the isolation engine is pre-created by the time I launch Vantive, I can save this 7secs here. Let’s see how RadeFastLaunch help to pre-create the sandbox.

RadeFastLaunch is included with Tech Preview version and disabled by default; I am enabling it on my VM by setting,

HKLM\Software\Citrix\Rade\DisableFastLaunch to value 0.

For demonstration I am using Office profile here. I am configuring Office profile for fast launch by putting following entry in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key

“C:\Program Files\Citrix\Streaming Client\RadeFastLaunch.exe” “\\Streamingbvt\BVTProfiles\Office\Office.profile

The profile path need to pass as command line argument to RadeFastLaunch.exe

I am rebooting the VM to see the isolation environment setup automatically by RadeFastLaunch,

This is sysinternals process explorer says after the login,

RadeFastLaunch.exe is the dummy App running inside the isolation engine. RadeFastLaunch.exe is a light weight process with 6MBs of working set size and it dies itself after launching first App from this isolation engine. Let me launch Office Word at this point and see how many seconds it takes to launch from the pre-created isolation engine.

Word launched in 14 seconds. Next I am disabling RadeFastLaunch from registry, flushing the cache and reboot the VM.

Now I am launching Office Word and it takes 25 seconds without RadeFastLaunch configured. Here with RadeFastLaunch which pre-create the isolation engine before the Office Word launch saved my 11 seconds. Subsequent launches take same amount of time with and without RadeFastLaunch. I close Office Word and launch again, it took less than 1.5 secs which is same with and without RadeFastLaunch.

Admin can push RadeFastLaunch registry configuration thru AD.  Frequently used Apps for different department will not be same and Admin need to choose RadeFastLaunch profiles carefully. If the user is not launching App from isolation engine for 2hrs, RadeFastLaunch process dies itself with the isolation engine it created.

Sisimon Soman
Citrix App Streaming Team