Earlier this year, we launched a global survey showing how people plan to work (and with what device) in 2011. The results were a staggering validation that flexible working is really here to stay, with 87 per cent of respondents working outside of their office – 52 per cent of those working from anywhere one to two days a week, and another 27 per cent working from anywhere three days or more per week.

Curious to know how things were looking in South Africa, we recently asked the same questions to over 100 South African CIOs and knowledge workers. We asked a variety of questions about how they like to work and which devices they prefer to use for work and play.

The results? A resoundingly positive validation of the flexible working revolution:

· 75 per cent of South African knowledge workers now use their own personal consumer device at work – with 58 per cent of those are managing the device and installing new apps themselves
· 71 per cent are now regularly working outside of the office, with 54 per cent working offsite for one to two days every week
· 71 per cent affirm that that the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime actually makes them “more” productive than if they were in the office; a further 28 per cent are “just” as productive as if they were in the office
· Laptops (83 per cent) and smartphones (73 per cent) are the most popular devices when travelling and working away from the office
· Tablet devices are still a growing market, with 11 per cent of knowledge workers using these devices outside of the office, a good number considering the iPad, for instance, has only been available in South Africa since the beginning of this year
· When looking for a device for work and personal use, 76 per cent of you are buying smartphones; 30 per cent are buying tablets and 77 per cent are buying laptops
· 56 per cent of respondents use two devices every day, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphones and 25 per cent indicate that they use three devices daily

What do you think – are these results in line with your own experiences? Or, looking around your office, are you surprised? From our perspective, these findings are a good indication that the concept of flexible working is gaining real traction… But it’s also an indication that conditions are shifting within the corporate and enterprise environment around driving and enabling greater productivity. As always, we’d love to hear your comments so please feel free to contribute!

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Finally, we’d like to thank everyone that took part in this survey and offer our congratulations to Waldi Potgieter, who won an iPad for taking part.