For those who like more technical blog posts, here are a few random technical tidbits about the new Workload Balancing 6.0 (Beta) virtual appliance (VPX).


  • During the WLB virtual appliance configuration, pressing Enter accepts the defaults for all choices. For example, pressing Enter when configuring the database, will use default user name for the database account.
  • You can now generate reports from the WLB tab in XenCenter. As of this release, there is now a Reports button. Thanks to the WLB users who suggested this improvement!


Miscellaneous Factoids

  • Workload Balancing can monitor across pools. You can put the WLB virtual appliance in one pool and monitor a different pool with it. (For example, the WLB virtual appliance is in Pool A but you are using it to monitor Pool B.)
    But, to do this, the time on the physical server hosting WLB must match the time on pool WLB is monitoring. You might to point both the WLB host and the pool to an NTP server since you can’t change the time on the WLB virtual appliance.
  • Workload Balancing has new service commands – see the Beta Workload Balancing Administrator’s Guide – which are run on the virtual appliance itself.
  • FQDN must be added to DNS. If you want to use an FQDN (instead of an IP address) to connect to the WLB appliance, you must add the FQDN to your DNS. (Admittedly, this probably isn’t the best tidbit to provide since FQDN isn’t supported for this Workload Balancing Beta.)
  • Workload Balancing no longer monitors multiple pools. You now run one WLB virtual appliance per pool. Hopefully, this won’t be a problem for people since WLB is now so easy to get up and running.


I’m blogging during the XenServer 6.0 Beta, so it is possible that some of these details may change.

Sarah Vallieres – Principal Technical Writer – XenServer
Twitter: @xsresearcher
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