When I met my Executive Briefing Center (EBC) customers that went to Synergy SF 2011, I asked them if they attended my Syn210 session and they asked “What time was it?” I said it was a 5pm on a Thursday late afternoon right before the Synergy party and they just started laughing…they thought I was being funny!  They said “I already had couple of beers by then! ;-)”   Here is a cartoon image that depicts my EBC meeting on this (although I don’t look like the guy on the right side there):


Well Even though it was at a very unpopular time, this session still got over 100+ attendees!   It definitely helped that I had a beta customer to present with me and because of that, here are some verbatim feedback on the surveys: 

“I liked that they had a customer to share experience with the new features. it helps to know how the new features work in the “real world.” “

“It was good to get a customer perspective on the new stuff. “

We also received good feedback on our video for those that want to check it out:


For those attending Barcelona, we have more exciting features to show and feel free to make comments in terms of other topics you want to see and looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

Here is a good image of Barcelona after a successful NetScaler sessions (Enjoying drinks and tapas with all of you and discussing the new MPX features):