Based on my early impressions of Google+ and thinking about how I use the various social media sites they are now gravitating to the following utility:

Google+ is great for following industry gurus and a growing list of work friends plus interacting publicly without much thinking about mixing work and personal stuff.

Facebook as everyone knows is great for family & friends, but I would prefer to keep work separate. Google+ with Circles is a great alternative. I don’t like accepting Friend requests from acquaintances or people I don’t know as but have no problem with them following me on G+ or Twitter.

Linkedin is great as a replacement for business card follow-ups, finding contacts at companies and researching the background of people who I recently met.

Twitter seems best fit for discovering what is new, broadcasting info or asking questions to like minded followers. Twitter is also a great alternative for bookmarking interesting items on the web. It works across all my devices and I figure if it’s interesting for me there may be others who also find it useful or entertaining. For me this means keeping up with the tech world of mobility and sharing what I find.

Overtime Google+ will probably consume more of the alternative social media mind share and traffic. Just as Facebook started with college students and then spread to the world. Google+ is starting with geeks and early adopters and will likely spread to mainstream audiences as features are added and users consolidate where they spend their time online. If you haven’t tried it yet get on the list or an invite from a geek friend.

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Twitter : For my latest tweets on the Mobility Industry and other random factoids
Linkedin : For my business contacts and events
Google+ : I haven’t posted much yet but plan to, check out my Industry Guru Circle
Facebook : I probably won’t friend you if I don’t know you..

How are you using social media for work & play ?