I had be in several discussions during the last month where some folks asked: I wanted to use a network storage for a Synchronizer POC, but unfortunately I only have windows SMB/CIFS shares available. Can’t I just use my windows shares to tore the managed images?

Unfortunately, I used one of my standard sayings: Technically this is possible… 😉

And I mentioned that I might write a blog about it and here we go.

Having said that, I don not claim that this makes sense for your 100’000 XenClient deployment nor will it be supported, so it’s your risk – And big / fast NFS storage is goo thing to have anyway!

The required steps

It actually only needs a few steps, where the first is to make sure you can mount a CIFS / SMB share from your Synchronizer. And to make it quick and dirty I would just map the local storage repository to that share.

This would be the basic step.

  • Install smbfs support
  • Mount and test it
  • Copy the existing content to the SMB share

  • Add it to fstab to automount the share

Now it’s time to test if you can mount your SMB share by e.g.:

mount -t smbfs -o username=synch, password=synch  // /mnt/smb

If that works, we can copy the existing content of the default local repository to that share e.g.

cp -R /xt/images/* /mnt/smb

After the copy process has ended, remap /xt/images to the share in the fstab and reboot.

After a reboot your should be set. In my example the new storage was recognized, however I didn’t test it throughly.

AGAIN: It’s not supported and an upgrade to a new version most likely will brake it!

(And I’m just going to revert back to an older snapshot 😉 after I’m done with this blog)

Have fun with your XenClient!


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