Last 2 posts we talked about Application deployments using Application Templates and how you can make them dynamic and secure. With Application deployments becoming complex due to multiple features and policies we invented a clean way of visualizing your Application Deployment using Application Visualizer. Application Visualizer is the framework which shows end to end Application deployment using single relational view on a single screen. The relational links are defined as:

  1. AppUints or LB vservers bound to Public Endpoint or CS vserver
  2. Services bound to Application Units
  3. Monitors bound to the Services
  4. Various policies bound to AppUnits
  • Compression
  • Filter
  • Rewrite
  • Responder
  • Cache
  • Application Firewall
  • AAA and other policies

Thus Application Visualizer defines the whole configuration in a free flow pictorial format. It is easy to look through whole Application infrastructure through this tool and understand which piece of configuration is being user where. The issue arises when Application deployments become complex and you cannot see everything in a single screen generated by the system. For example following snapshot shows a Sharepoint App deployment with various policies configured.

Here just to fit the whole infrastructure in single screen we had to reduce the font size such that it is not readable. This is not going to help!! Now the question is what you can do to see the same deployment in same screen but in readable format.

You may not realize by looking at the Application Visualizer screen that every single entity can be flexibly moved around on the screen such that it covers up whole screen and you are able to see and read through whole visualization. Following is a screen shot after adjusting same Application deployment on Visualizer.

Easy, isn’t it 🙂

The key here is to understand the feature which is not seen unless you try it to move entities around on your Application Visualizer screen. This is amazingly powerful tool to demonstrate the whole deployment in a single screen through a single click.

Application Visualizer is not limited to only Applications deployed through Application Templates. It can be invoked on any Endpoint defined in NetScaler system. It is available on the right click menu of the end points and does not take more than couple seconds to plot even complex deployments.