AppExpert TemplatesNetScaler v9.3 Templates are here

If you’ve worked with the AppExpert Templates on previous NetScaler versions, you know how simple application deployment can be.  NetScaler AppExpert Templates simplify the deployment of applications by encapsulating everything in a NetScaler configuration that is specific to an application.

Templates present a consolidated view of everything NetScaler is doing for a given application to NetScaler administrators, further simplifying management. From one place, NetScaler administrators can manage, maintain and change the NetScaler configuration for the application. And, this same view provides a framework for NetScaler administrators and their peers in the application groups to work together as existing applications evolve and as new applications are brought online.

AppExpert Templates are designed to be imported and exported, so the benefits of NetScaler for specific applications can be gained within minutes. Import/Export also makes it easy to share application-specific configuration within an organization as well as between organizations.

Captured within an AppExpert Template are:

  1. The application components (e.g., pages, files, archives, Web Services) that NetScaler will optimize.
  2. The traffic management entities (e.g., VServers/VIPs and associated load-balancing algorithms, SSL offload settings) for these application components.
  3. The specific NetScaler policies for caching, compression, rewrite and other NetScaler functionality used to optimize the application.

Note: One key difference in v9.3 templates, is there are now two files to import.

  1. The config file containing the optimizations
  2. The deployment file containing IP Addresses, backend connections, etc.

The Complete NetScaler v9.3 AppExpert Template bundle can be downloaded from here.

Individual NetScaler v9.3 AppExpert Templates can be found on the community site here.

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