Sinergia! Sangria! y.. Paella!

I’m writing this blog on the heels of a two week stint in Europe, designing the new and improved Citrix Booth experience at Synergy Barcelona. Our goal is to give attendees a real-world perspective of how our products enable them to transform every facet of IT into a service. We’d also like to put that ubiquitous word “Cloud” into context with hands-on demonstrations of what we mean when we say “Personal Cloud”, “Private Cloud”, and “Public Cloud”.

To that end we’ll be dividing the booth into three district sections, addressing our unique ability to allow anyone to work or play from anywhere on any device utilizing our technology.

For the “personal cloud” we’ll put you in the driver’s seat as we showcase Receiver and HDX on a plethora of devices and scenarios. The world is shifting from “9 to 5” to “whatever, whenever” as consumer technology and enterprise IT continue their head-on collision, our tools ensure that the device you’re most comfortable doing your “me” stuff on can also give you access to all the “work” stuff you need (like desktops, apps, and data) without skipping a beat.
We do this by melding the centralized management and security of the corporate datacenter with the open-endedness of the Internet.

This brings me to the “private cloud”, the corporate infrastructure necessary for supporting a growing tech-savvy workforce. When we say “private cloud” we’re talking about the evolution of gateways from being a secure point of network access to your datacenter to becoming a single point of delivery for all corporate resources inside your datacenter (yep, desktops, apps, and data) and outside of it like SaaS apps, web apps, and even cloud storage. For servers and networks it means consolidation of resources through virtualization. For apps and desktops it means single image management so you don’t need to worry about patching every employee’s computer every time a service pack comes out, with enhanced oversight for troubleshooting and management. For data it means convenience, security, and high availability. For SaaS apps and web apps it means federated identity, single-sign on uniform access regardless of device or location, as well as service-provider SLA-monitoring. And for your datacenter it means not being held back by the physical limitations of your datacenter – now you can extend your datacenter to the “public cloud” on-demand.

And for the service providers out there floating on the cusp of that “public cloud”, we’ll be showcasing the latest iteration of our game-changing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS which I like to pronounce “Ah, yes”) offerings, as well as lots of other bells and whistles to enhance your cloud portfolio (heard the news about ?).

Oh, and for those of you who haven’t experienced our Ask The Experts bar, well, let’s just say we’re lining up our best and brightest to help you figure out that Citrix thing that ‘s been on your mind, whatever it is.

Did I mention it’s all going down in Barcelona? At the CCIB? Which is right by the beach? Yes, October may be outside of fist-pump season, but you’re not the fist-pump type anyway. I promise it’ll be the best Synergy yet, and I hope to see you there.

p.s. The UK and Barcelona Citrix user groups are currently collaborating on sourcing a shared apartment in Barcelona to use a base during the week of Summit and Synergy. Apartments tend to run much cheaper than hotels, so if you’re on a budget you may want to give them a shout.