As I am sure you all have seen by now, today marked the announcement of Citrix’ acquisition of – heralding a newly drawn line in the sand for customers who are keen to accelerate their individual cloud deployment strategies.

Despite only being a team member for just over a week, which must be the shortest tenure at a startup in living memory, I’m genuinely excited and very proud to become a member of the Citrix family, as this is an organization I have worked closely with, know very well and have a tremendous respect for.

In a previous life, I was honored to represent my former employer, Bechtel, as a member of Citrix’ Customer Council and through that, I was given the opportunity to get to know the culture of Citrix, the commitment of the leadership and the sheer passion for creating delight in the products.

The Customer Council is a fantastic forum and represents both a unique opportunity for members to discuss their own technology strategies with Citrix and for the senior leadership of Citrix to do what they do best – listen and respond to customer demands.

A key component of the success of Bechtel’s cloud deployment was the engagement and partnership with Citrix. Even now, a few years on from the initial design efforts, I am happy that the success was captured forever on celluloid as it will remain a great memory and an example of how great teamwork achieves great things.

Listening to customers and working to partner with them to ensure mutual success is an important value I will carry into my new role here at Citrix. In fact, this value was part of the reason I made the decision to move to a few weeks ago as the team there were focused on one thing above all else – listening, partnering and delivering.

See a theme yet? Now enough about the past, what about the future…

First and foremost, I believe that we are entering a new phase of widespread cloud technology acceptance and one where previous attempts to label the paradigm shift as “hype” or “nothing special” are fading and fading fast. There are plenty of real world examples of incredibly successful cloud deployments, both creating and enabling business success in both the service provider and enterprise spaces.

Through today’s acquisition of, I believe we are extremely well positioned to extend to our existing portfolio, building on top of the great work already done by the XenServer and NetScaler teams, and to continue our fundamental commitment to open standards and open source by continuing to work alongside my good friend (and now colleague) Ewan Mellor on the OpenStack project.

One of the commitments coming from today’s announcement focused on improving education and communication to customers, demonstrating how to architect and deploy successful clouds. I look forward to being part of that and sharing my insights and best practices with you on this blog.