Although the doctors and nurses at Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia, California are often seen as making the difference in patient care, this time it was the folks in IT who were recognized for their contributions. Earlier this year, the IT Team at Kaweah Delta, led by Dave Gravender and Nick Volosin, received the tremendous honor of being named a 2011 Computerworld Honors Program Laureate. Being named one of five finalists in the Emerging Technology category was a particularly huge honor since Computerworld received a surge of nominations this year as compared to previous years.

By embracing the use of mobile devices in patient care, the IT Team at Kaweah Delta have enabled their doctors and nurses to access patient data immediately via mobile technology like the iPhone and iPad. Instead of waiting for a fax—which significantly delayed important medical decisions—doctors and nurses can now simply and easily log in with an iPad to see patient information like a patient’s EKG strip or X-ray in real time.

Not only has this adoption of virtualization technology helped Kaweah Delta improve the quality of care for their patients and simplify the experience for their medical staff, it has also led to a significant reduction of costs by enabling the replacement of  legacy PC equipment with relatively inexpensive mobile devices.

Kaweah Delta Medical Center’s MyKD initiative truly sets the standard for others to follow. Kudos to their entire IT Team for receiving this well-deserved industry recognition from Computerworld!