Whenever there is a new release of Citrix Streaming Profiler, to take the advantages of new features, administrator has to open the profiles inside profiler and save them back to Apphub. This becomes a nightmare for administrator especially if they have few 10s or 100s of application profiles and multiple targets. As each target has to be opened on each supported OS and updated by Admin or Vendor manually. And IT may need to spend lot of money for this upgrade of Profiles.

So I thought we can write a simple tool, which will crawl the entire Apphub and does Open>Edit>Save on each profile target that is specific for the machine on which the Tool is being run.

Streaming profiler comes up with new features with every release like:

  1. In v6.0 CAB format to DIR format was added
  2. In latest Tech Preview available, it has VHD format and SHA2

All these features will be automatically added if we Open>Edit>Save the profile, which is what this tool actually does.

Imagine we have 20 Profiles that has 2 targets each say “Win 7” and “Windows Server 2003”, stored on Apphub (can be a Directory tree structure, multiple folder levels), and few profiles has an Extra target of XP 32 bit as well.

All that Admin has to do is:

  1. Install latest Profiler on the above 3 OS Machines(with only Anti-Virus Installed).
  2. Go to Machine 1, run tool from %programfiles%\Citrix\Streaming Profiler in Command Prompt with command line as Apphub like: UpgradeProfiles.exe \\Servername\ApphubShare
  3. Once the tool is done (which would have upgraded all the profiles on Apphub for that OS), do the same on the other 2 machines as well. But this has to be done one machine at a time, as profile upgrade can’t be done on 2 different targets at a time.
  4. In the above example the 3rd OS XP doesn’t have a target for all the profiles, so when we run this tool on XP Profiler machine, it will upgrade only those profiles that has Targets and leaves the rest Profiles without modifying.

I’m attaching the tool and source codes in the post try it out.

Note: Please take back up of the AppHub, before running this tool and this is a private tool written by me, Citrix doesn’t take any liability for any loss of data.


UpgradeProfiles With VHD Enabled

UpgradeProfile v6.7