It’s been quite a busy week for us in XenServer land.  Yesterday, I posted about XenServer being named to the Champions quadrant by Info-Tech Research Group, and the accolades kept on coming.  The good folks over at Gartner have also named Citrix to the Leaders quadrant in their 2011 Magic Quadrant x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure report.   We’ve joined perennial favorite VMware and fellow new leader Microsoft as the sole server virtualization solutions with a clear vision and ability to execute on that vision.  What this means for customers is recognition that when it comes to virtualization, there are three solid options to choose from, and that the correct mix of features and value might just vary by the needs of the virtualization project. 

Since yesterday has probably come as a bit of a shock to some, after-all there are some who predicted XenServer was going away well over a year ago; I have a couple of challenges to present …

1. If you’ve never looked at XenServer, or looked at it years ago, I invite you to try XenServer right now.  The process is literally as simple as downloading, installing and activating it.  Once that’s done, load up a couple of VMs and see what XenServer can do for you.  XenServer is available in multiple forms, including a zero-cost option.  If you were looking at us in the past and decided to look elsewhere because we lacked some critical feature, we just might have it now.

2. If you’ve looked at XenServer 5.6 and decided against some of the premium features due to deployment complexities, I invite you to look at the XenServer 6.0 beta.  One of our core objectives with this release is simplicity of deployment.  Many know us for “10 minutes to Xen”  where you can get a XenServer environment installed, configured and running in under 10 minutes, but certain premium features have been rather more difficult to setup.  We’re aiming to change that and have any premium feature installed, configured and running in under 15-20 minutes.  It’s up to you to tell us if we’re succeeding or not, and our beta support forums are the perfect venue.