Motorola announced the DROID 3  with Verizon Wireless today in a big way.  For DROID lovers that appreciate a real QWERTY keyboard, the new device has a great spec list including the 4″ qHD screen,  dual core TI OMAP 4430 processor, Front Facing Camera plus 8 MP Camera with 1080p recording, 16 GB internal memory + SD, and HDMI out. Time to start thinking about an upgrade. Any Verizon user should take a look at this device.

More big news is that the DROID 3 comes pre-loaded with Citrix Receiver and GoToMeeting. That means besides all the great consumer features of this top of the line smartphone it can make anyone productive from anywhere “out of the box”. Have a meeting away from the office ? No problem. Need to get that contract on the file server to the customer ? No problem. Need to approve a work flow ? No problem. Want to plug into a projector for an impromptu presentation without lugging a laptop? No problem.  Even when stationary if you want to use a full size Bluetooth keyboard & mouse and plug into a full size display a la “NirvanaPhone” scenario that works as well.

For IT when an employee brings in a new DROID 3 and says hook me up it’s easy and safe if Citrix XenDesktop or XenApp is installed at the company. In most cases it means simply providing a URL and domain name along with existing ID and password credentials. The employee can select the apps desired and authorized by IT and they are ready to go. In some cases configuration of the company XenApp or Gateway is required and admin tips can be found here.

Using GoToMeeting with the DROID 3 is simple, just click a link in an email or launch from the icon  and enter the meeting number. And VoIP is fully supported so that listening or participating in the meeting using the data only connection.

In the race to innovate in the mobility space, Motorola has stepped up the pace with products like the ATRIX 4G the first real “NirvanaPhone” , the Xoom tablet , the Photon, and now the DROID 3. Given the high bar that Apple has set , these kind of innovations are required to make users and IT happy.

Stop by a local Verizon store next week to check it out.