Did you ever want to demonstrate or test XenServer premium features like HA and couldn’t do because lack of hardware?

Did you ever have the need for a quick clean XenServer installation do test some tests of CLI commands?

Sometimes I am in such a situation…

…and this exactly is the moment where I think: Why don’t we have a XenServer Simulator?

Well, there is a simulator available for some months or even years! It’s just that most people don’t know it 🙂

Interested? Then you might want to have a closer look at the XenServer SDK VM.

How do you get started? It’s pretty easy!

1.) Download XenServer SDK VM

2.) Import it into a XenServer host.

3.) Boot VM

4.) configure root password

5.) In case of DHCP: Connect through XenCenter to the IP listed after boot of the simulator.

6.) In case of static IP: Login to VM, configure IP using xsconsole and connect through XenCenter

7.) Optionally point to a license server with an appropriate license for XenServer Advanced and upwards functionality.

8.) Have fun!

Combined with a free storage solution like Openfiler you get a nice training / working environment with shared storage connectivity and pool configuration – all in-a-box if you like.

BTW: The XenServer “Boston” Beta includes a Simulator as well.