NetScaler Application Templates have been very useful across several customer deployments. Application Templates provides clear and consistent approach to deploy an application in NetScaler ADC appliance. The beauty comes out when you as admin can control whole functionality and behavior across every applicable feature from single screen.

Many of us believe that once Template is created it needs to be imported as it is without any run time intelligence or dynamism. Here is a walk thorough on how you can make your Application Templates more dynamic and parameterized using variables. Variable support in Application Templates allow you to generate run time variables while you export any template and these variables will enable you to do dynamic changes while you import the saved template. Following is a screen shot of template export screen where you can configure variables.

If you click on the link “Configure Variables” then it takes you to respective screen where you can see the set of configured policies and features on which you can define variables. Select a policy and right click to select configure variable option. This brings you the policy rule on which you can define variable. Following picture shows you different configuration points.

Here it provides you amazing ability to select any portion of the rule and create a variable of it. In this example we are selecting the HTTP request method name as variable. Thus while you import this template it will dynamically ask you to provide new value for the variable created on HTTP request method. Policy rule gets updated with the new value given.

Isn’t it exciting for dynamic deployments where you can create variables for every dynamic piece of the configuration and be able to update them with new values while you import template back.

Happy Deployments 🙂