These are some busy times for the Cloud App Delivery group! Just last month, we released the Citrix Service Provider Automation Pack – hundreds of you have downloaded it and told us via various channels how it’s making your life easier, making your deployments faster, and, most importantly – saving you time and money. Haven’t downloaded it yet? You’re missing out.

Now, we’ve just released Cortex Cloud Control Panel 9.2 – a milestone because it’s the first release fully developed as a Citrix product.  As soon as you see the new interface, you’ll notice the Citrix influence – it has a whole new look-and-feel that is clean, simple and consistent with other Citrix products. A look under the covers will also show:

  • New, more complete integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange hosting, bringing it closer to the capabilities of the enterprise edition
  • New features for our unique ADSync solution, which makes it easier than ever to manage synchronization between a customer’s AD and Cortex
  • Over 70 new reports that leverage features of SQL Server 2008

You can read more details about the new look and the new features in related blog posts.

Reading through the list of new features above, you might notice a common thread – a lot of work with Microsoft solutions. The collaboration with Microsoft goes far beyond product however. We are jointly exploring new initiatives to dramatically up-level the knowledge and skills of our joint service provider partners. We are working hard to not only make CSPs successful, but also industry beacons and technical leaders.

For example, just last week, Citrix and Microsoft collaborated to pilot a new, highly intensive, extremely technical, hands-on, week-long workshop. We selected a cross section of established DaaS players and up-and-comers, invited them to our HQ, and gave them direct access to our architects, engineers, product managers and executives. It was an exhausting week, but at the end of it, I think both the attendees and the hosts learned a lot about how to push the DaaS market forward. We’ll be taking this experience and figuring out how we can reach more of you, with the information you need to create multi-tenant, efficient, automated services.

Want to know more? Well, a lot of it is still in the works, but if you‘re going to be at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, July 11-15, in Los Angeles, stop by the Citrix booth #305 and talk to us! There’s a lot of exciting things happening in the CSP community and with the Microsoft partnership, so stay tuned.