Media and video are an enormous part of our internet experience today. So it gives me great pleasure to welcome Graymatics to the Citrix Startup Accelerator family. This is a company on the forefront of cloud innovation from a number of directions that will become clear over the coming years. It is also the fourth Citrix Startup Accelerator investment.

One of the key themes for the Citrix Startup Accelerator is Right now we’re seeing a headlong rush toward centralization, commoditization, cloud based infrastructure and platforms. This represents an important shift for our industry, and one that brings dramatic improvements in agility and cost of operation across the board. That said, with any major shift of this type, there tends to be an over-rotation toward certain ideas, so we’re interested in companies that look to exploit elements of cloud computing that are today under represented in popular conceptions of cloud. Some simple examples are peer to peer computing, and the idea that an organization might wish to leverage many advantages of ‘cloud’ such as commoditization, ease of access, etc, without trusting third parties with their data and applications.

Graymatics comes with very strong academic and business credentials, and we are looking forward to working with them to build tomorrow’s cloud.

Graymatics has chosen not to provide any more details about their business for now, so watch this space.