Expanding on Joe’s blog, /blogs/2011/06/08/citrix-on-citrix-delivering-to-xenapp/ I’ll dig a little more into how application testing moves through our XenApp QA process.Once an application request has been received and approved a QA XenApp server will be assigned to the application owner.  We will relax security on this particular QA server in order for the specific software can be installed, modified, and configured.  Once the software installation is complete, I will setup the correct published application, set the XA server load evaluator to available and communicate to the application owner to begin testing.Once the application testing has been complete, and we have sign off from the application owner, we will add the particular install or enhancement into our outage weekend queue.  Typically one week before the start of outage weekend begins, all app installs, upgrades and patching are pushed to one dedicated XA QA server.  This QA server is a mirror of Production and will use for application integration testing.  From here all application owners will test every application on against this QA outage weekend server to check for integration issues.  Once testing is complete and signed off, the application changes are then pushed to production during the outage weekend.  This was a very simplified overview of our QA life cycle process.  Anyone else using a similar process?