Not only does the Cortex Cloud Control Panel from Citrix 9.2 introduce great new features and expanded support for Microsoft products, it brings with it a new, simpler and more delightful user experience. The new look of Cortex is part of Citrix’s ongoing Project Symphony. Project Symphony seeks to unify and simplify the user experience across all Citrix products by delivering a set of guiding principles and visual UI standards. “Symphony will result in a set of user experience guidelines that allow all Citrix products to have a consistent, simple design“, says Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO.

All of the same features, functionality and workflows as before still exist, but are now accessible with the new look and feel. The migration to version 9.2 has been designed to gracefully convert to the new look and all of the options for white-labeling Cortex still exist. If you have customized the Cortex branding, you may need to create some customized stylesheets to adapt to the new look. Stay tuned for a blog on how to do it.

 The new user experience was previewed at Citrix Synergy in San Francisco and the feedback was very positive. Lynn Van Dyke, a Citrix User Experience Researcher who worked on the 9.2 updates said, “Our research participants were excited to see that the Cortex Cloud Control Panel redesign lets them leverage their existing infrastructure, and expand their self-service capabilities. We’re confident that we’ve “inspired delight” for our customers, by partnering with CSPs throughout the design process, and rolling their feedback into our design and usability requirements.


You will get your first taste of symphony the very first time you log onto Cortex. Once you or your users log into Cortex, a new main menu will be presented. Here you will find intuitive icons for the top tasks you need to perform. We’ve re-organized the menu structures to simplify the experience of using Cortex, we’ve also added a new updated navigation control that is more responsive and easier to use. Finally, the layout of the pages has been optimized to increase usability and navigation.  

Phase II of symphony involves a deeper study and redesign of how you use Cortex to complete the tasks at hand. For this phase, the Citrix Product Design team will be working with you to better understand how you work and identify patterns to guide us in the upcoming design phases. Citrix believes that by understanding your current infrastructure, day-to-day challenges, and “pain points” you will help us continue improving the Cortex user experience. If you would like to be involved in a usability study, please contact