I just completed my first month at Citrix …and it cannot get any more exciting!

 How does it feel to go from marketing  analog mixed-signal / low power chip design software, microprocessors, servers, notebooks, 3D and touchscreen technologies to evangelize Citrix Receiver and its pivotal role in making the Personal Cloud real?? Ask me….this is truly exciting stuff!

 As far as I can tell in my first few weeks of learning and trying to see the big picture, Citrix Receiver is already changing lives: how people work and interact with any or all of their (converged compute and communication) devices to get their work done, efficiently, reliably and securely, irrespective of where they are – at work, at home, at the airport or perhaps at their favorite vacation spot.  So what is Citrix Receiver? It  is a universal software client that allows Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure solutions to enthrall the digerati by allowing them access to any of their work data,  applications and desktop to any of their company-provided or personal devices, be it a desktop PC, notebook, Mac, a tablet or a smartphone.…it is their own, personalized window into work!

 Citrix Receiver’s ubiquity, driven primarily by the ‘Consumerization of IT’ groundswell,  stems from the fact that that it works on practically all devices made by all manufacturers, on any OS …..more than 1 Billion devices (and counting) running on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, WebOS, Blackberry, QNX ….is this game changing or what?!! In addition to this near-ubiquitous device support I talked about earlier, Citrix Receiver also lets you pick and choose whatever applications you want in one place and provide Single Sign-On (SSO) to all these applications (via a back-end infrastructure called Citrix Netscaler Cloud Gateway). And finally there are other capabilities that make for an unprecedented and consistent user experience, such as Follow-Me Subscriptions where not only do your chosen applications “follow” you from device-to-device but also retain the same session or state.

 So what’s the big picture here? Think iCloud ….what does it enable? According to Apple, ‘….(it) stores your content so it’s always accessible from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac,… It gives you instant access to your music, apps, latest photos, and more. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across all your devices’. That is great, but wouldn’t life be significantly better if you were to extend this to experience not just to Apple devices and Apple’s content, but make ANY DEVICE access ANY of your “stuff”, work or personal, or what Mark Templeton, our leader and CEO, calls the Personal Cloudand that is exactly what the Citrix Receiver enables you to do!  (On a bit of a side-note: in my mind the Personal Cloud is an experiential concept that describes the relationship of the accessibility of IT resources (his/her personal data, apps, desktop and IT services) relative to the  devices available to the user at a given point in time. This is fundamentally different from the notional view of the Public and Private Cloud which are essentially physical infrastructural entities enabling IT resources like Apps/Platforms/Data/Network/Compute available to users from within or outside the corporate firewall).

 To SUMMARIZE, Citrix Receiver, in conjunction with a customizable infrastructural component, is the key user-centric solution that will contribute in making the Personal Cloud paradigm, a reality. It is and will increasingly continue to be the underlying technology that carries your Personal Cloud WHEREVER you go, access WHATEVER you want, from WHICHEVER device you want.

 What a wonderful world!