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It is not very often I get to review a book, so I was delighted when Packt Publishing asked me to review the book Getting Started with Citrix XenApp 6. Having spent the last four years of my tenure at Citrix building XenApp machines and farms put me in a position to at least review and comment on the work. The author, Guillermo Musumeci, has much more time building XenApp farms under his belt.

This is a very thorough book on XenApp 6 which includes introductions to the different types of XenApp server roles in a typical farm. XenApp 6 is feature rich, and this book touches on all the relevant features, if not all of them, in an easy to read fashion. If I was a first time user of XenApp 6, this book would be required reading to fill my brain with the basics of XenApp before attempting to build my own farm from scratch. Having built farms from scratch myself, I think this book is a great introduction to the subject and is a great reference even for those that have experience building XenApp farms. I saw some chapters that I can say I will use in my daily job at Citrix. There are some juicy tech bits for the geeks like me in Chapter 12, “Scripting Programming”. This book also touches on running XenApp as a virtualized server, on the relevant Hypervisor’s.

In summary, Getting Started with Citrix XenApp 6 is an easy read, and would be required reading for first time users of XenApp 6. This book is a good walkthrough of the practical use of XenApp 6.

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