Or what’s down for that matter…

As a Citrix Service Provider, you need to be able to figure out the state of your infrastructure so that you can answer questions like these easily:

  1. What’s the health of my infrastructure? Are all of my key services up?
  2. What is the resource (CPU, memory, network) utilization of my infrastructure? Have I over-provisioned, do I need to plan for more?
  3. Which are the most used applications and by how many users?
  4. How many users used my services last month?
  5. How do I assure my tenants that their users are getting a great experience?

You need answers to such questions for a variety of reasons like meeting your SLAs, planning for capacity, billing, complying with software licensing agreements, etc. So, is there a tool that can help you get these answers to these questions? The answer is YES and it is called Citrix EdgeSight.

EdgeSight is a continuous monitoring system for XenApp, XenDesktop as well as endpoints. It provides support for getting alerts, real-time troubleshooting and generating historical reports. Using EdgeSight, you can get answers to the questions above in a few clicks.

Earlier this year we released a white-paper titled Citrix Service Providers Guide to Using Citrix EdgeSight”, which provides a quick-overview of EdgeSight architecture, a list of recommended reports and multi-tenancy deployment guidelines.  Believe it or not, EdgeSight was one of our first products to be designed for multi-tenancy (as early as 2003) – because back then some service providers were interested in providing Monitoring-as-a-Service.

Also, last month 2 engineers in the Cloud App Delivery group (Kevin Tuttle and Abhishek Mandhana) created a set of reports that are specifically targeted to service providers:

CSP License Usage Report
Provides a list of unique users that have accessed desktops or applications delivered by XenApp.
Useful for:  Compiling CSP license usage information, billing tenants

CSP Resource Usage report
Provides details on memory, CPU and bandwidth used when accessing desktops or applications delivered by XenApp.
Useful for:  Monitoring infrastructure usage, planning, providing usage data to a tenant

CSP SLA Compliance report
Provides the total number of sessions logged on by each user with details on HDX latency as well as login times.
Useful for: Proving SLAs, determining health of infrastructure

CSP Server Utilization report
Provides utilization data for XenApp servers i.e., number of sessions hosted, memory and CPU consumption.
Useful for:  Monitoring infrastructure usage, planning

The data provided by these reports can be sliced by specific date-ranges as well for specific tenants (using EdgeSight Departments, User groups or Device Groups).

To get these reports, visit the EdgeSight community site. Let us know your additional reporting requirements on the CSP Discussion Forum.