Citrix recently announced the availability of NetScaler Cloud Gateway (formerly OpenCloud Access), however, internally it has been up and running since January of this year. If you are not familiar with NCG, there are several blogs on the Communities site that provides a product overview, like here and here.

Internally today, we have almost all of our Web and SaaS apps running through NCG, with 2 exceptions being SharePoint 2010 and ADP; both scheduled for implementation by Q3 2011.

From an IT perspective, one of the biggest advantages of NCG is the ability to add control and centralized processes around SaaS and Cloud Apps. Before NCG, our IT department had minimal insight on things such as: license usage, user permissions and overall historical reporting on SaaS/Cloud apps. All this changed once we implemented NCG. Feedback from end-users has also been positive. Features like single sign-on and the ability to login from any device (using Citrix Receiver) makes NCG a simple and seamless method of accessing Cloud Applications.

Our most heavily used apps (via NCG) are as follows:

  1. SalesForce
  2. SAP Enterprise Portal
  3. Linkedin
  4. MyCitrix
  5. Force

More on NCG coming later on.