OpenCloud Access 1.2 VM is here with bunch of exciting features and new capabilities. It as well fixes couple of important issues with OCA 1.1 VM. We have been releasing several application connector packages which were developed to support more applications on our SSO capability. VM 1.2 includes all those application connectors within and there is no need to install any extra package on top of it. Thus it provides turnkey approach to enable OCA with all existing and multiple new features along with all the application connectors for SSO and Provisioning.

Key features and capabilities

Support for MPX and 9.3 NS release

OCA 1.2 VM provides ability to deploy OpenCloud Access with any NetScaler MPX hardware platform. OCA 1.1 VM had support only for NetScaler VPX Virtual appliance. It also has support to run with latest NetScaler release 9.3 so now OCA can be deployed with NetScaler software releases 9.2, 9.2.e and 9.3.

Employee Portal Page

The employee portal brings in all new experience with Citrix Web Receiver theme. Functionally it allows the applications to be shown up in logical grouping or categories as configured on OpenCloud Access configuration utility.

Application Connectors

OCA 1.2 VM has all the connectors built in and it overall adds many new application connectors for SSO and Provisioning. We now have 107 SSO connectors supporting 100 unique Apps and 29 unique Provisioning connectors. You can find the list of SSO connectors at

Simplification of SSO deployment

This is one of the very cool features which let you install and configure OCA for key SSO use case in less than 30 minutes. We have worked on various steps to eliminate the complications for simple SSO deployment of OCA. Thus it helps you quickly set it up for demos and POCs.

Generic HTTP connector builder

While we keep building the application connectors for SSO use case, it is never enough because of the explosion of Apps in Cloud/SaaS world. Beyond these common Apps enterprises have several of in-house Apps which are built locally for different purposes. Immaterial of App sitting in Cloud or in enterprise the SSO challenge remains the same. We do not have any visibility to build connectors for these internal Apps thus this generic connector builder module helps you create your own SSO App connector for Apps supporting HTML form based authentication. This connector builder module addresses over 80% of the use cases and Apps but for rest we can always build the connectors. While it provides key capability, it is super easy to use and takes just few clicks to get you your own connector.

Generic SAML connector builder

For the similar reasons stated above we have also built the generic SAML connector builder module which helps you build your own connectors for Apps supporting SAML based authentication. It supports variety of Apps working on SAML 1.1 and SAML 2.0 protocols.

Two Factor Authentication

OCA 1.2 adds support for using second factor of authentication while employees authenticate to the enterprise domain through employee portal page. In addition to your existing authentication services such as Active Directory, you can use service like RSA, Wiki ID, etc.

Single Sign-on Application categories

As we add more and more App connectors support in OCA it becomes difficult to manage and work with all 100 connectors listed out on single portal page. Thus we introduced creating App categories in OCA which shows the respective Apps into their logical buckets. Based on enterprise use cases the Apps can be grouped together as Sales, Engineering, Productivity, Healthcare etc.

Linking Applications to Active Directory

In many cases our enterprise Apps like SAP, Sharepoint and bunch of others are linked to our AD domain credentials. Thus all these Apps share common login credentials and can be maintained by single set of credential in OCA. Once you link these Apps together, OCA will ask for App credential only once for storing it locally and allow you to SSO in any of these Apps.

Citrix Web Interface Integration

OCA 1.2 supports integration of OpenCloud Access with Citrix Web Interface or WebInterface on NetScaler. This integration allows users to access their Cloud, Web and SaaS single sign-on applications along with XenApp published applications through single Web Interface.

Citrix Web Receiver support

OCA 1.2 release supports enumerating Apps on Citrix Web Receiver as well. OCA 1.1 release had the Citrix Receiver support which is now extended to Web Receiver.

Other Enhancements

There are bunch of smaller functional, troubleshooting and usability enhancements done in OCA 1.2 VM. Enhanced Active Directory synchronization helps with reducing the sync time and data size. Enhanced Kerberos failure reporting improves the chances of figuring out what has gone wrong with Kerberos setup.

For more details on features and functionalities in OCA 1.2 VM, please refer to the download section at: